Time Sinking Activities Stopping You from Getting Coverage

Aside from people believing that life insurance is too expensive or overly complex, one of the most tired excuses for not finding a plan is that there is never enough time. It’s true, people lead very busy lives and are often running from one obligation or appointment to the next leaving them no room to take care of other issues. But is there really no time to spare for the sake of your family’s financial future?

People are more concerned with other daily occurrences and tasks that they don’t want to give any attention or time to find the right insurance plan. Below you’ll find some of the daily activities that take up the valuable time we could be using to get the right coverage for those who matter most.

Time in Front of the TV

For many Canadians, after a hard day’s work, the television is an ideal way to unwind and relax before going to bed for the night. But how much time do we actually spend in front of the TV? According to a report from Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, adults tend to spend around 29 hours a week watching television.

What makes this more shocking is the fact that all of this time in front of the TV roughly adds up to a couple of months over a year. There is more than enough room to cut out a couple of hours of TV time to do the necessary research with regards to finding a plan that works. Brokerages have agents that will meet you at your home at a time that works for you, taking most of the work away and making it easier on you.

Gaming and Social Media

Playing video games, much like watching television, is a popular go-to activity for many young Canadian adults following a work day. Since 2010, people have been spending around 2 hours and 20 minutes playing video games each day, with that number slowly and steadily growing as streaming gameplay becomes more popular.

Social media is another time sink that most of the adult population of Canada take part in daily. With about 88% of the Canadian population being internet users and close to 64% of those having a social media profile, it’s fairly evident that social media and its various platforms have a grasp on many people. Facebook is the most popular social media network in Canada with users often spending upwards of 40 minutes or more every day on the site.

Instead of playing another hour of the latest video game or updating your status for the twentieth time today, take a break and look into your coverage options to make sure you have the right insurance that you can rely on.


Shopping is a hobby for many people and it can take up a large chunk of your time if you aren’t paying close attention. Most people window shop online or in-store daily and don’t even think twice about the time they are wasting. According to a recent study conducted by Stats Canada, people are spending anywhere from 45 minutes to near 2 hours shopping for goods and services each day.

The next time you find yourself scrolling through pages of Amazon shopping lists, stop and head over to the site of a local insurance brokerage or insurance provider and see which policies fit your budget and needs.

Eating Out

Finally, eating out for lunch or dinner is another good example of how Canadians can waste a lot of time from day to day. Recent studies show that the range of time people spend eating out each day is anywhere from close to 55 minutes to just over an hour. The cost associated with this time sink can also be quite shocking as it can add up to hundreds if not, thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

So, You Really Do Have Time, Don’t you?

After looking through these examples and seeing the amount of time we can actually waste from day to day, it seems as though we have more time to get life insurance than originally thought. You don’t have to completely give up these leisure activities to make room for your life insurance search, you simply need to trim some of the time spent on each down.

There isn’t much of a priority on watching television almost 30 hours a week and the same can be said about spending so much time on social media or window shopping. Life insurance is an important and necessary step to ensuring your family’s financial future is properly protected, so make sure you are taking the required time focus on obtaining the right plan for you.


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