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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Getting Insured as a Survivor

October is breast cancer awareness month and it’s a time to reflect on and spread more awareness both for the illness and the women whose lives have been affected by it. As the most common cancer among Canadian women, breast cancer awareness month is the perfect opportunity to get tested if your family has a history of the illness or if you feel concerned.

Even women who have survived their battle with breast cancer tend to worry about different aspects of their life afterward. One of these worries is often the fear of being rejected for life insurance coverage. Today we’re are shedding some light on this fear to let women know that you can be covered as a breast cancer survivor. Full article

Obtaining a Life Insurance Plan After a Heart Attack

Unsurprisingly, as it is with many serious medical illnesses, heart attacks can have an adverse effect on life insurance applications. Many people talk about heart disease and think that getting insured after a diagnosis is impossible. This is not the case; it can be difficult but certainly not impossible.

Since the earlier half of the 20th-century heart health and medical procedures have made a huge leap forward. The Heart and Stroke Foundation stated that today 95% of Canadians who make it to a hospital after an attack survive, a jump of 30% from 65 years ago. Although a heart attack is still a very serious health crisis, with the right medical advice and procedures you can still live a healthy life.

This week, we at LIFC are looking at what you can do to improve your chances at getting insured after experiencing a heart attack. By knowing what to expect from your insurance provider and how to improve your health you will find a plan that works best for you. Full article

BMO’s InsureNOW – A Do-Anything Plan For Young Canadians


BMO Insurance recently rolled out their newest insurance plans, InsureNOW and InsureNOW Plus, and their focus is somewhat different and unique compared to the market at large.  With an aging population and a greater focus on investment and wealth management, InsureNOW seems to do things quite different – it’s making insurance easier than ever to get for young Canadians, available from ages 18 to 49.

But just how easy and effective is this plan at providing solutions for millennials?

Full article