Pregnancy and Life Insurance: What to Expect While Expecting

The fact is, most people decide to wait until they have a family to choose to purchase a life insurance plan. This then makes the instance of applying for coverage during pregnancy more common. It’s understandable that you are going to want to protect your family’s new addition, but applying for coverage while pregnant can be a bit intimidating.

Getting properly insured is easily one of the best ways to guarantee your family’s financial future is secure. As a pregnant mother, you will already be undergoing enough, adding the worry about insuring your family shouldn’t be something you concern yourself with. This week, we’re taking a look at what future mothers can expect to face when applying for coverage.

For Those Thinking About Getting Pregnant


If you aren’t pregnant now but do intend to start a family sometime soon, get life insurance first. Before you are pregnant meet with a broker and find a plan that works best for you. While it’s not impossible to get covered after you are expecting, it may limit your options.

Some of the temporary conditions you may experience during pregnancy can make you face higher costs for protection. So if you have the opportunity to get life insurance before you’re expecting a child, go for it. In the end, the added physical and emotional stress that can come with pregnancy will only make the insurance process more difficult for you.

Getting Insured While Pregnant

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For those that are currently with child, seek insurance coverage as early into the pregnancy as you can. The later stages of childbearing can come with its fair share of complications that can make acceptance more difficult, therefore, the earlier you decide to buy, the better. When applying later into your pregnancy, conditions like higher blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and hypertension can affect your premium rates forcing you to pay more.

If you can, get any pre-pregnancy medical tests that aren’t too old for the insurance company to review. With medical proofs of your past health, the insurer will see that it is only the pregnancy that is the cause for possible temporary conditions like the ones listed above. Always go to a meeting with a broker with pertinent and updated medical records when applying for coverage while pregnant, it will helpful to you in the end.

Questions About Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Of course, smoking or drinking during a pregnancy is something you should completely avoid for the safety of your unborn child. But the insurer you will be meeting with is going to want to know about your frequency with regards to these habits. Being careful is key here as your answer can have adverse effects on your coverage after your pregnancy.

If you are asked about alcohol consumption, simply answer honestly. The insurer you decide to go with will want to know about your consumption habits over the years, merely stopping during pregnancy will not help your premiums. If you did take part normally in this habit before you got pregnant do not lie. Lying about alcohol consumption will only hurt you and your future coverage if and when the insurer finds out.

You also need to be careful when considering yourself as a non-smoker during your application process. The typical waiting period to be considered a non-smoker is a period of twelve months. This means not engaging in any cigarette, cigar or any other nicotine and smoking products for a full year. Not engaging with these substances only for the duration of your pregnancy will not group you as a non-smoker, so don’t be surprised if you face smoker’s premiums when applying.

Helping You Find Your Plan During Pregnancy


Whether you are pregnant now or are planning to become pregnant soon, your brokerage can help you find the plan that is best suited to your situation. If you have faced any denials during your pregnancy, you don’t need to worry because there may be another insurer that can help you. Brokerages will help you shop the market, find other companies that can help, and make sense of any confusing technicalities or paperwork you may come across.

When you choose to work with a broker, you will have a professional that is working on behalf of you by your side. A broker will help you find plans that may include riders you can find beneficial as a pregnant woman. Riders like a waiver of premiums, which can be included in plans, can be invaluable to an expecting mother who may be unable to work because of pregnancy-related conditions.

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