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Everyday Alternatives That Help You Save Money

Budgeting and managing your money is absolutely crucial when you’re trying to save money. We all do it in some form or another, but it can be difficult to ensure you are properly saving during the hectic day-to-day lives we lead. Many people simply get caught up in their daily routine of work and home life that opportunities to save money pass by unnoticed.

What can be the most damaging to your chequing and savings accounts are the small daily purchases we can make without even thinking about them. So how do you get better at saving your money?

It all starts with simple practices you can easily incorporate into your daily life. This week, we’ve collected some useful daily savings techniques that can break the bad spending habit in anyone. Full article

When to Review Your Life Insurance Policy

Your life insurance policy is a huge benefit to you and your family, as it gives you the comfort and security that allows you to live life without worry. You want to ensure that your loved ones will have a stable financial future after you’re gone and protect them while they go through a vulnerable time such as when they are in college or university.

It’s a great feeling when you finally get the coverage you have been looking for and it can be tempting to just let the plan do it’s work and forget about it. That is a mistake. At the very least, you should be reviewing your policy once a year just to make sure it is still fully benefitting you and your current situation. Full article

Specialty Life’s Final Expense Plan – A Newcomer Guaranteed Plan

shutterstock_27853390Launching late last year, Specialty Life hit the Canadians markets with a complete focus on the simplified insurance market, one which we’ve touched on in detail when looking at past products. While many insurers, if not most, subscribe to the practice of simplified life insurance on some level – very few make it their primary market.

Specialty Life, however, has made simplified insurance their primary focus, intending to offer Canadians a low-cost alternative to what is a traditionally rather pricey product.

Full article

Industrial Alliances Life & Serenity 65 – An All-In-One “Boomer” Care Plan


You may have heard the news recently that Canadians over 65 have overtaken Canadians under 14 for the first time in history. This is the demographic time bomb that everyone calls the Boomer Generation. Seniors are now the biggest consumer class in Canada, and insurance is no different.

Industrial Alliances Life & Serenity 65 is an interesting plan that offers a little more than just a seniors-friendly face on the box. It proposes to offer life insurance protection, limited critical illness protection, and an annuity on top of it.  And as you can see, these three features together make Life & Serenity 65 a rather unique product that Canadian seniors should be aware of.

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