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What to do if You Can’t Pay Your Premiums

Life is full of uncertainties and you can run into financial complications that can make paying your premiums difficult. Your future budget may not be able to support the premium payments you once felt comfortable with when you first purchased your plan.

Situations like the loss of a job or living on a fixed income make managing your premium payments incredibly taxing. The pressures associated with struggling to make your plan’s payments lead many to simply give up and surrender the policy. But don’t jump to that conclusion immediately, there are alternatives you need to look into first. Full article

The Importance of Converting Your Child Term Rider

As discussed in the last post, riders can really maximize your coverage plan to get you the most protection for the price. One such optional add-on is the Child Term Rider. This benefit can provide your children with coverage, up to young adulthood, all while under your life insurance policy.

With this rider attached to your coverage, your child will have protection up to $25,000 during what can be the length of their school career. With a child rider you can ensure that your child is protected as they are growing into young adults ready to head off on their own. Full article