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What to do if You Can’t Pay Your Premiums

Life is full of uncertainties and you can run into financial complications that can make paying your premiums difficult. Your future budget may not be able to support the premium payments you once felt comfortable with when you first purchased your plan.

Situations like the loss of a job or living on a fixed income make managing your premium payments incredibly taxing. The pressures associated with struggling to make your plan’s payments lead many to simply give up and surrender the policy. But don’t jump to that conclusion immediately, there are alternatives you need to look into first. Full article

Optional Benefits That Can Really Maximize Your Life Insurance Policy

You may have purchased either a term or permanent life insurance policy before and noticed options for a “Rider.” These are completely optional additional benefits you can add on to your insurance plan to give you more protection. The main draw of an insurance rider is customization, as each rider is devised for different reasons and can be attached to most life insurance plans you can create an insurance policy that meets your specific needs. Each life insurance provider has different riders that pair with different types of plans, so customization options are up to what the provider allows.

Because of the varying availability of these riders, it’s important to do your homework on them and get a better understanding of what is offered. Offered Riders usually range from situation to situation and can provide extra coverage if you become disabled, seriously ill, or even die suddenly. By covering some of the more common insurance riders here, I hopefully will give you more of an insight on how these add-ons can be beneficial to your life insurance plan. So what are some of the most beneficial riders that you should take advantage of?