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Industrial Alliances Life & Serenity 65 – An All-In-One “Boomer” Care Plan


You may have heard the news recently that Canadians over 65 have overtaken Canadians under 14 for the first time in history. This is the demographic time bomb that everyone calls the Boomer Generation. Seniors are now the biggest consumer class in Canada, and insurance is no different.

Industrial Alliances Life & Serenity 65 is an interesting plan that offers a little more than just a seniors-friendly face on the box. It proposes to offer life insurance protection, limited critical illness protection, and an annuity on top of it.  And as you can see, these three features together make Life & Serenity 65 a rather unique product that Canadian seniors should be aware of.

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Industrial Alliance Pick-A-Term Life Insurance


When you buy a term product you generally have two options: either you’re buying mortgage insurance and the term is tied to the borrowing term of your mortgage; or you’re stuck with a bevy of options set by your insurer (10 years, 20 years).

But life obligations don’t fall nearly into set terms. You could buy a 20 year term but only really need the coverage for 13 years. And of course, buying less than what you need isn’t helpful either.

Industrial Alliance’s Pick-A-Term plan is thus a pretty unique offering, letting you decide what terms you want, rather than what your insurer is willing to offer.

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