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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Getting Insured as a Survivor

October is breast cancer awareness month and it’s a time to reflect on and spread more awareness both for the illness and the women whose lives have been affected by it. As the most common cancer among Canadian women, breast cancer awareness month is the perfect opportunity to get tested if your family has a history of the illness or if you feel concerned.

Even women who have survived their battle with breast cancer tend to worry about different aspects of their life afterward. One of these worries is often the fear of being rejected for life insurance coverage. Today we’re are shedding some light on this fear to let women know that you can be covered as a breast cancer survivor. Full article

Managing and Mitigating Stress After Losing a Job

Losing a job is never easy to go through and it often comes with a flood of many emotions that can drain your ability to move forward. Knowing how to cope before hand is very important to help yourself focused on getting back on track when and if you do end up losing your job.

Taking action and looking at your options goes a long way when facing your new reality of being unemployed. Always remember that this is just a temporary stage and that you will find work again. This month, we’re looking at ways of managing the stress of job loss and how you can raise your spirits in what can be a depressing time. Full article

Time Sinking Activities Stopping You from Getting Coverage

Aside from people believing that life insurance is too expensive or overly complex, one of the most tired excuses for not finding a plan is that there is never enough time. It’s true, people lead very busy lives and are often running from one obligation or appointment to the next leaving them no room to take care of other issues. But is there really no time to spare for the sake of your family’s financial future?

People are more concerned with other daily occurrences and tasks that they don’t want to give any attention or time to find the right insurance plan. Below you’ll find some of the daily activities that take up the valuable time we could be using to get the right coverage for those who matter most. Full article

4 Misconceptions About the Life Insurance Application Process

It’s no surprise that people often have ranging misunderstandings with regards to life insurance policies, but is this also the case when it comes to actually applying for coverage? Unfortunately, there are many false beliefs held by individuals that can greatly hinder their chances at getting the proper life insurance plan they deserve.

Today, we’re taking an in-depth look at some of the most common thoughts people have when it comes to actually applying for and buying a life insurance plan. These misconceptions typically lead people to believe that they are getting the most out of a policy, but in reality, they are actually putting themselves at a severe disadvantage. Don’t limit yourself when it comes to life insurance, here is the truth behind many misinformed insurance application views so you know what to look for. Full article

The Importance of Life Insurance for the Self-Employed

Many people prefer to be self-employed because of the level of flexibility and freedom that comes with being your own boss. But building your own business isn’t easy, which leaves many to overlook certain necessities in order to save on costs. Unfortunately, life insurance is often one important factor that is often cut off.

Everyone needs to be insured, especially if you’re self-employed. For those who have a salaried position at an established business, getting insured is generally easier as employers tend to have company-wide plans for their workers. But that luxury is not guaranteed for those who run their own business.

If you have your own start-up and are self-employed, here are a few reasons to not skip out on getting the proper coverage you truly need. Full article

Everyday Alternatives That Help You Save Money

Budgeting and managing your money is absolutely crucial when you’re trying to save money. We all do it in some form or another, but it can be difficult to ensure you are properly saving during the hectic day-to-day lives we lead. Many people simply get caught up in their daily routine of work and home life that opportunities to save money pass by unnoticed.

What can be the most damaging to your chequing and savings accounts are the small daily purchases we can make without even thinking about them. So how do you get better at saving your money?

It all starts with simple practices you can easily incorporate into your daily life. This week, we’ve collected some useful daily savings techniques that can break the bad spending habit in anyone. Full article

Pregnancy and Life Insurance: What to Expect While Expecting

The fact is, most people decide to wait until they have a family to choose to purchase a life insurance plan. This then makes the instance of applying for coverage during pregnancy more common. It’s understandable that you are going to want to protect your family’s new addition, but applying for coverage while pregnant can be a bit intimidating.

Getting properly insured is easily one of the best ways to guarantee your family’s financial future is secure. As a pregnant mother, you will already be undergoing enough, adding the worry about insuring your family shouldn’t be something you concern yourself with. This week, we’re taking a look at what future mothers can expect to face when applying for coverage. Full article

Important Financial Steps for Newlyweds

Creating a lasting marriage in today’s society requires both partners to practice better money management skills and to become more involved with finances. When you tie the knot with your significant other, simply talking about finances and insurance is a good first step, but it shouldn’t be the only one.

As a newly married couple, you will both want to avoid any tension or strain put on the relationship by improper financial management. Don’t allow one person to take all the responsibility or have his or her individual strategies be the basis of governing your assets. So, how can you prevent this dreaded strain? Let us show you.

This week, we’ve compiled some a guideline to the most important considerations a young couple should focus on. This will provide a foundation for newlyweds to start off on the right foot towards a brighter financial future. Full article

Optional Benefits That Can Really Maximize Your Life Insurance Policy

You may have purchased either a term or permanent life insurance policy before and noticed options for a “Rider.” These are completely optional additional benefits you can add on to your insurance plan to give you more protection. The main draw of an insurance rider is customization, as each rider is devised for different reasons and can be attached to most life insurance plans you can create an insurance policy that meets your specific needs. Each life insurance provider has different riders that pair with different types of plans, so customization options are up to what the provider allows.

Because of the varying availability of these riders, it’s important to do your homework on them and get a better understanding of what is offered. Offered Riders usually range from situation to situation and can provide extra coverage if you become disabled, seriously ill, or even die suddenly. By covering some of the more common insurance riders here, I hopefully will give you more of an insight on how these add-ons can be beneficial to your life insurance plan. So what are some of the most beneficial riders that you should take advantage of?